Staying in Little Sahaja
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We are broadcasting Satsangs from Sahaja Express in our Mandir, mainly Aarti and the Silent Sitting in the morning and a Satsang in the evening.

We also broadcast all live retreats.



The only purpose of Little Sahaja is to provide for Beings who are drawn to Mooji Baba's pointings. We follow the same guidelines as in the ashram of Mooji Baba, Monte Sahaja, which support the Satsang of each one of us.

By staying in Little Sahaja you agree to follow these guidelines.

Move in silence, no socializing.

Keep the place clean and tidy, including your own accomodation.

Internet only for Satsangs and practicalities (no social contact).

Fire, Candles and incense are strictly forbidden due to very high fire risk in the hot season.

Use water with care as we have limited capacity. For showers, 1/3 bucket/person/day, enough to stay clean.

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area.


Seva (selfless service) is very much appreciated. It may take many forms: landcare, cleaning,cooking, taking care of the compost, construction, taking care of the broadcasting of Satsangs, etc...