Important information from Monte Sahaja

Dear One,
If you wish to visit Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area, please read carefully all the information on the Monte Sahaja webpage and then fill in the application: sahaja/
The link to apply is under "Visiting Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area".
If you are invited to visit Monte Sahaja you will receive an invitation e-mail. Once you receive this invitation e-mail, you can book your accommodation.
To apply for other dates than the September day visiting period, please write your preferred dates in the "Comments" box under "About Your Stay".

*Note that Monte Sahaja will be closed from 15 August until 5 September and closed for the Winter from 15th October 2018.*"

Much love 💕

Any being who wishes to book with us should first contact Monte Sahaja, informing that you would like to stay in Little Sahaja as well as your desired dates of your stay (minimum stay is 5 nights).

After receiving an invitation from Monte Sahaja to stay in the area, please contact us if you wish to book a space in Little Sahaja.

Thank you and blessings

(+351)932750866 Samani

(+351)938643825 Kamal