Important information from Monte Sahaja

Dear Ones,

We would like to let you know that there are some changes for those who wish to visit Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area.

Previously it was possible to stay in the area and visit Monte Sahaja on selected visitor's days and for Sunday Satsang. Now everyone wishing to visit Monte Sahaja must first apply and receive confirmation from Monte Sahaja that it is possible to come.

The application links are as follows:
Sunday Satsang: Applications for Sunday Satsang will open mid to late March. More information about Sunday Satsang can be found on

Visiting Sahaja while staying in the area:

More information about Monte Sahaja and these changes can be found at

Much love 💕

Any being who wishes to book with us should first contact Monte Sahaja through, informing that you would like to stay in Little Sahaja as well as your desired dates of your stay (minimum stay is 5 nights).

After receiving an invitation from Monte Sahaja to stay in the area, please contact us if you wish to book a space in Little Sahaja.

Thank you and blessings

(+351)932750866 Samani

(+351)938643825 Kamal

How to come to Little Sahaja

Please note that the map above is not accurate, as Little Sahaja is about 6kms from the village Sao Martinho das Amoreiras

- By train: the nearest train station is Funcheira. You can see the schedule and book a ticket here

You can book a taxi through us.

- With your own transportation. From Sao Martinho das Amoreiras, take the road to "Santana da Serra/Corte Malhao". After 4kms you'll see a sign on your right saying "Vigia". Enter the next dirt road (immediately after the one going to Vigia) and follow the posts with blue paint, Little Sahaja is 1.5 kms away. Please do not take a turn if you don't see a blue post indicating the way, or you will end up somewhere else....