Little Sahaja

Little Sahaja doesn't receive guests for the moment


The sole purpose of Little Sahaja is to provide a welcoming and supportive place for those who are drawn to Moojibaba's presence and pointings. It is located in a beautiful and quiet valley 3.5km from Monte Sahaja, the home and ashram of Moojibaba.

Little Sahaja is a home and contemplation space where you can be in silence with yourself. Staying here is a wonderful opportunity to plunge within and to be immersed in the Sangha field with others who are also drawn to Satsang with Moojibaba. Satsang is played every day in the Mandir to support your time here.

We move hand-in-hand with Monte Sahaja and it is important that everyone who wishes to come to Little Sahaja first reads the following information:

Staying in Little Sahaja

Monte Sahaja

Visiting Monte Sahaja while staying at Little Sahaja: Please know and take to heart that regardless of the type of visit to Monte Sahaja, everyone must apply and receive confirmation from Monte Sahaja that it is possible to come. Monte Sahaja cannot accommodate drop-ins or casual visitors at any time. More info here.

Our facilities are simple yet comfortable. Little Sahaja offers a semi-open kitchen, composting toilets and bucket showers, similar to what can be found in Monte Sahaja.

Tents, mattresses, pillows, sheets and a laundry machine are provided. You can also come with your own tent and camping gear, or caravan/camper, or rent our caravan or little studio, the Bodhi.