Little Sahaja


The only purpose of Little Sahaja is to provide for Beings who are drawn to Moojibaba's pointings and presence. Little Sahaja has been blessed by Moojibaba.

Little Sahaja is located in a beautiful and quiet valley, 3.5kms from Monte Sahaja. The semi-open kitchen, composting toilets and bucket showers are simple and confortable to enjoy.

It is a contemplation space where you can be in silence with yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to plunge within and to be immersed in the Sangha field.

Satsangs are being played everyday in the mandir.

We are one with Monte Sahaja, and by coming here everyone agrees to follow the same guidelines as in Monte Sahaja (see also Staying in Little Sahaja).

Tents, mattresses, pillows, covers and a laundry machine are provided. You can also come with your own tent and camping gear or caravan/camper, as well as rent our caravan.

For sunday Satsangs and visitors' days, you can have a nice walk to Monte Sahaja through the eucaliptus forest (3,5 kms).

We organize rides for those who have difficulty to walk and for everyone who would like a ride, after the evening program, back to Little Sahaja.