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There are 3 main possibilities:

1- we are not many beings in Little Sahaja, everyone cooks for themselves or together as they wish

2- in the times in which we are full in Little Sahaja, and as our kitchen offers a limited capacity, we organize comunal cooking and eating together for nearly everyone here.
If you wish to do this (we warmly recommend as the kitchen gets overloaded if we don't), there is contribution for the costs of the meals (about 5 euros per day for the 3 meals).

There is a cooking rota, and we cook simple and healthy food, with gluten and garlic free options. If you want to buy more food (more cheese, chocolate, etc...) you can buy it for yourself by giving a list to the ones who are going shopping.

3- during the retreats, we cook together, you can check the Silent Retreats page for more information